What is the Meaning & Definition of news

It is called in our language as news that program that is broadcast on television or radio, characterized and specializing in the dissemination of news of general public interest. Depending on the place in the world which is can call itself also as news or news. Usually the newscast is led by one or two social communicators, so, when it comes to two it is common to be a man and a woman. It is also common to involve other journalists or communicators who are specialized in certain area and by case shall send the novelties of this specialty include.
Then, the conduct of shipping is in charge of two individuals as indicated but when the presentation of topics such as sports, entertainment, politics, police and economy, will be added to the floor, to the scene, to those specialized columnists who are those who will provide information and shall submit the report in question.
On the other hand, news are disseminated to the public in thematic blocks, giving priority to the most important news of each area. News of the print media has taken this structuring. It is an established custom that the newscast start with headlines such as is the case with the cover of a newspaper.
Meanwhile, each story is presented with a title that usually appears in videograph at the bottom of the screen.
Those facts occurred close geographic and temporarily will be considered with respect to the criteria for selection of the news on the news. Each specialist will bring the news that considers more important though the editor of the news who decides is ultimately the order and time each will hold live newscast. Normally it is that important, and that is happening now and close what privileges at the time of reporting. Also in this decision come into play other issues having to do with the editorial line that holds the Middle, the rhythm that is she wants to contribute to the program and competition with other channels.
A special feature of these programs is they broadcast live and live with a mission to provide even more immediacy to the issues presented as news. It is virtually impossible that a newscast issue is already recorded.