What is the Meaning & Definition of niche

Concavity which is used for ornamental purposes or as a home of rest for the dead

The term niche presents several references according to the employment given, meanwhile, the most recurrent and extended to presenting is one that says that a niche is a concave to be used to put something in it.
It may be from a decorative point of view, the opening takes place on a wall either to deposit a vase, a statue or any other element that holds an end of this type, either it is that specially shaped concave so that they enter and be deposited the coffin in a cemetery.
Many family, once their loved ones die decide, instead of burying their physical underground bodies as traditionally has done, placing their remains in coffins and arrange them in mentioned concavities called niches. All the cemeteries have niche sectors.

Segment of the market that have needs and they are not properly met

Another use of the term, totally different from the one mentioned above, is that occurs at the behest of the Marketing. In this context he referred to as niche market to that segment of the market in which individuals present characteristics and homogeneous needs, meanwhile, those mentioned by x issue, they are not understood and met by the existing offer.
Then, in addition to expressing this issue, when there is talk of niche market is being recognized the opportunity offered by certain market in which that condition is to carry out certain activity, whether commercial or productive, with certain chances to succeed, because as we said, the conditions of the market, guarantees it the absence of response to the needs of a segment.
For example, in recent years it has grown exponentially the people who opt for vegetarianism and veganism, a vegetarian proposal even more fierce since they don't eat anything that it comes from an animal, because their philosophy is just not contribute to the bloodshed and suffering of any animal on the planet.
Before this state of affairs, many entrepreneurs fans of these inclinations and who know by experience personal lack of business or shops that sell organic produce and natural foods that have no animal ingredients, failing just budding entrepreneurs that detected the absence of gastronomic for this sector, decide to open a business that just sells meals , exclusively food for vegetarians and vegans.
A recurring feature of these niches that have unmet needs is that they have sufficient economic resources to consume things that demand but unfortunately nobody offered them. Now, when that someone see the need and produces what they need they will be able to pay for such precious merchandise.
As consequence of this issue is that most marketers recommend who just begin with a commercial project or production focus on market niches and not markets extremely wide in which a tremendous competition between longstanding companies already installed for immediate success in them.

Ecological niche

And on the other hand, we have the ecological niche concept, as it referred to the relationship between a species or population within the same ecosystem. Basically, understand the role of the individual or the group deployed within a particular community; This includes both the biotic factors and abiotic stresses encountered in relation to the organism in question. The niche would be habitat that share several species at once, even those that note the characteristics and practices more dissimilar.
The species will develop a strategy of survival within the niche that will include how to feed themselves, the competition with other, hunting and the care that must be kept for not to be attacked by others. When it happens that two species show similar roles in the same ecosystem inevitably will be competing until a move to dominate the other or one of the two is eliminated by the opposite.