What is the Meaning & Definition of night

In a day or day, night means that period of time that extends between the setting of the Sun or sunset and the output of the same or dawn and is characterized by the lack of clarity over the horizon. The duration of days and nights will be changing throughout the year and this has to do with the movement of our planet Earth. The days are shorter and nights longer during the seasons of autumn and winter, becoming more evident on this last, because the sunset happens early and their departure is delayed. Meanwhile, in the summer it happens otherwise the days are longer, shortening the night.
It should be noted that the activities carried out during the period of the night called night and also persons who have an inclination to live and perform more actions during this time of the day is called popularly as night.
Meanwhile, in the popular imagination, the night is considered a dangerous period, because it is precisely at this time in which no proliferates clarity or light, being the ideal hotbed in which criminals come out of hiding to attack people and committing various illicit. Even this entire idea is phenomenally incentivated by the fictional stories that are in the literature or in the media, that they do not do more with stories that influence people to believe that bad things happen just at night and are cursed beings. For example, in the horror genre, is a classic killer attack their victims during the night.
Anyway, it is worth mentioning that in recent times, there is another side of the coin and is that night is also associated with training, the outputs, and fun, specially designed for teenagers and adults, who are organized in groups of friends during this time of the day to dine, dance, among other activities.