What is the Meaning & Definition of nobility

In our language is called with the term of nobility to that social class or stratum that is composed of individuals that have a Royal ancestry or who are owners of any noble title that places them in such social position; they are known popularly as nobles. During the hegemony of the European monarchies, before the outbreak of the French Revolution, the nobility was able to be next to the clergy, one of the estates with more privileges and distinctions against the populace always decreased or the rest of the common population. For example, it exceptuaba them to pay some taxes, they were owners of huge portions of land which made work the peasants or slaves.
The nobility knew to be one great allies of the King, on the basis of this support especially those benefits that the monarch gave the nobles to change with your permission and support in all those decisions that were being made in terms of political, economic, military, among others.
Usually the quality of someone's noble became the fact of proceeding from a family lineage, or failing as a result of having received a real distinction that made him such.
In the first case, anything, or anyone, could do to extinguish that quality of noble, and it is clear, inherited from generation to generation, while in the second case, when the person cuando la persona fallecia died he was winding down and not used to be transmissible.
It should be noted that at present this social estate already does not have enormous recognition and supremacy who once knew how to hold... While you still have prerogatives that are "inherited" from those times, her presence and authority has been rather relegated to a consideration of social to losing this imprint that was able to hold at the political level.
This issue can be seen clearly in the current European monarchies which still enjoy inherited privileges but should give in practice of eccentric benefits to social discontent that produced them in people. The conviction of the people is who enjoyed benefits in every respect, that many members of the nobility or even work and that are the people who keep them with their taxes.