What is the Meaning & Definition of Noctimania

The word mania gives much play in the current language. Amateur myths suffers from mitomania, obsession with sex is nymphomania, concern about an issue is known as the monomania and so we could keep up with very different examples. In this entry we will analyze the noctimania, which is the fascination with the world of the night.

Considerations on the night

The change of day and night marking the rhythm of life. Somehow, people are diurnal or nocturnal, i.e. prefer the day or night. The concept of day has relationship with light, outdoor activity, the urban hustle, work and daily responsibilities. On the other hand, the idea of night associate it to other issues: rest, sleep, fear, darkness or silence. If we look at the night sky we face the observation of the starry mantle, evocative and mysterious image at the same time.

The attraction at night

Anyone with noctimania may experience feelings and emotions of some intensity. Lovers enjoy more privacy during the night, and at the same time starry sky gives them a romantic ingredient. For thousands of years man has met with his around the heat of a fire; to tell stories and legends or to speak calmly.
The night has a magnetism for various activities: walking in silence, read, daydream or meditate. With daylight we are entering another dimension. In this sense, the same activity has a meaning different during the day or during the night (for example, isn't the same walking around the city at ten in the morning that doing so early in the morning). As a result, the noctimania must be understood as a personal connection with the night.

Overnight in culture

The way of dress and fashion have another meaning in the context of the night. This online Gothic fashion is clearly night. In relation to the festive dimension there are celebrations that only can be understood in the context of the night (as the celebration of Halloween).
In the world of the film there are some genres that only can conceive is in the context of the darkness of the night (for example, the cinema of terror, where can appear characters as them zombies or them vampires).
Those elements mysterious and enigmatic that form part of the night arouse a certain morbid in some people, a strange feeling of pleasure that is known as noctimania.