What is the Meaning & Definition of nomadism

The term nomadic is used to designate a lifestyle that involves the permanent transfer from one place to another and not definitive settlement in any space in terms of habitat. Although nomadism is much more characteristic of some types of animal to human, this also has managed to be a nomadic animal for a long time in its history. The nomadism now exists as a critical phenomenon related to the different complexities of today's society, with the surplus population above available spaces to live, with cultural issues and attitudes of discrimination and conflict between different peoples. The period in which the human being was characterized by being exclusively nomadic was one that gave home to prehistoric times and came to be known as Paleolithic. At this time, human still had not developed the means that would allow it to provide its own food without relying on the availability of the environment surrounding it. Thereby, it should move and move on a permanent basis provided that the resources of space where he was exhausted. Their homes were therefore very precarious and even perhaps simple natural forms that serve him as a shelter (caves, holes, etc.). Such a situation would end with the invention of agriculture and the emergence of sedentary lifestyle.
We can tell that great part of the population current keeps features of life sedentary. This means that the man already not need move is of a space to another rather than by reasons voluntary: it life modern you allows count in its own housing fixed with all them services and elements basic to carry forward his life everyday.
However, the various political crises, economic and cultural continue generating in many villages the need of moving permanently from one place to another in search of protection, security or media to live. Refugees today are clear representatives of such a situation since their lifestyle does not allow them have a fixed home or provide themselves with those basic elements of power. This situation is especially played in much of Africa, in the Middle East and in some countries of South Asia.