What is the Meaning & Definition of Nomophobia

New technologies provide a great quality of life as there is today, advances that were unthinkable a few centuries ago. For example, people can work from the comfort of your own home through the modality of telework. In addition, it is possible to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances beyond the distance. Mobile phone is part of the personal routine of the day to day.

When one is transoforma slave of technology

However, an instrument of communication as important as the phone also can become focus of conflict when you have the constant desire to be connected to possible updates to the phone. Mobile phone addiction is called nomophobia, a disorder that affects young people who have grown up immersed fully in the revolution of new technology in a most special way.

A consequence of the fear of loneliness and abandonment

The nomophobia shows an irrational fear being isolated, shows the panic of not having close the mobile phone. In a situation, people experience the uncertainty of thinking about what you are losing in those moments of incommunicado detention (possible calls from friends, news on social networks, messages...).
In addition, it should be pointed out that the mobile phone has evolved so much that today it is not only a means to stay in touch with friends through a call.

The evolution of the telephone implies even greater dependence on

You can also connect internet, photographs and many more services. For example, many people are joining fashion to become a selfie with your mobile phone. In this way, mobile phone becomes apparently an irreplaceable element in the life of the person who may experience dependency on it.
Mobile phone addiction can show in the high number of times a person to check his phone throughout the day. But in addition, the alarm signal also arises when you have dramatic thoughts when, for example, leave your mobile phone forgotten at home to go to work. And then, you experience symptoms uncomfortable as negative thoughts, nervousness, headache, anxiety...
It is advisable to reinforce the healthy habit of turn off the phone for several hours each day. And also, it is important to turn off the mobile phone to have a concrete plan to prevent outages.