What is the Meaning & Definition of Norway

Considered one of the most Nordic countries of Europe, Norway is politically a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, which in some areas may appear set to the Kingdom of Norway. This beautiful and unique country's capital is the city of Oslo, one of the most southern of the entire territory. Norway has a population of no more than five million inhabitants and a density population of twelve and a half per each km2, owing this to the inhospitable climate in much of the country. It is estimated that Norway together with other countries is one of the safest places and offering better quality of life to its inhabitants by their modern and organized mark. Norway has been characterized throughout its history as a people or a country of fishermen, Vikings and marine. Almost completely surrounded by water (more specifically by the Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea), much of the Norwegian economy turned and continues to rotate around its fishing and maritime resources. In addition, its history of pirates, sailors and explorers has always been very rich. At the same time, we must point out that historically, Norway has always had a particular and very close relationship with the country of Sweden, that which lies just beside her and with which also shares a large section of their border.
Without a doubt, one of the most characteristic and unique to Norway is its climate. While its coasts are marked by the fjords (valleys of water surrounded by rugged mountains), its central territory boasts numerous glaciers, mountain ranges, rivers and a very cold, almost uninhabitable climate in some regions. However, the question of climate has not prevented the Norwegians settle and organize their daily lives in the best way possible. On the contrary, it is considered that this country offers its inhabitants one of the best qualities of life in the planet, with very high educational standards, health and safety. Norway is politically organized into nineteen provinces or regions, among which we find the Oslo, host of the eponymous capital.