What is the Meaning & Definition of Nostalgia

He is designated with the term of nostalgia that feeling, almost always accompanied by a strong hint of sadness or penalty, that occurs or embodied in an individual when the mind of this comes the memory of some good or loved one lost, that it is no longer or of any last moment which of course will not happen again are. For example, if adolescence was for us that stage of life in which it was happier or more enjoyed, certainly when it dips any memories of that time, either because on the radio they are passing a subject that characterized that era that we listened to spend it, then, that develops in us, especially in our spirit , the feeling of nostalgia that will result in a tear, a smile accomplice with someone else who has shared this special moment, among other possible manifestations.
But on the other hand, nostalgia is not only reduced to miss any time or time of our lives or to someone we loved and sadly is no longer with us, but that it also tends to be a recurring feeling among those who for various reasons had to leave their homeland and settle elsewhere. Situations of exile as a result of any political persecution, better economic opportunities or job opportunities elsewhere, tend to be the most common reasons why a person should settle in another geographical location other than the original and this lack of belonging to this place in some sense, addition to the memories and apparitions in situations which remind them of that past is what causes the nostalgia.
What we mention is clear that nostalgia almost always occurs when we are reminded of something very precious that we no longer have and that over looks powered because that thing or person that was so idealized in its time and this idealization increased with the passage of time.
While nostalgia is far to be considered a disease, it, on many occasions, can be accompanied by any physical manifestation such as chest tightness, lump in the throat, pain in the mouth of the stomach and a sense of desperation.
On the other hand, also we can find the nostalgic chronic, by calling them in some way, who are those who consider that always in all aspects, the past was much better than the present, although really this is not so.