What is the Meaning & Definition of notation

He is designated with the term of notation to that system of conventional signs that are adopted and used to express certain concepts of a specific discipline, mathematics, music among others. Standard index notation or scientific notation is one of those systems, agreed previously, as concrete, are used to represent a number using base ten powers. Numbers should be written as a product of 10n.
This methodology will be used preferably to more easily express very large or very small numbers. According to this mode, rather than write or speak of 100,000, we can summarize it in 105
This type of notation uses a system called coma or floating point in some English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries.
This concern to find a system to represent very large or very small numbers easier, is an issue that already started since ancient times. For example, the philosopher and mathematician Archimedes was the first to venture a solution of this type already in III BC.
Of course, that this system is not used in contexts or very informal situations, but that the same is used, pre-eminently, in scientific fields, at the behest of the study or teaching in a particular subject, for example. Most recurring applications is given to this type of notation include: when it will measure the distance with respect to the observable corners of the universe, to score and give account of physical quantities. Also very computers or more sophisticated calculators presented both the very small scientific notation and those very large results.
Some of the mathematical operations in which this scientific notation system is used are: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, filing and empowerment.