What is the Meaning & Definition of note of remission

The referral note is that document that is used almost exclusively at the behest of a commercial context to accredit or leave a record of the delivery of an order. The same to ensure validity and effect must be yes or Yes signed by made goods receiver that will give evidence that the merchandise has been received correctly and according to the agreed terms. Meanwhile, within what is known as sale, which may respond to any nature, books, furniture, etc., referral note will serve as documentary proof that delivery of goods was made compliant.
As stated it is clear that remission of note are found two different objectives, will serve the buyer to compare with the request you have made, in order to determine whether it is the requested goods and then check if it corresponds to what is billed.
And for the seller, because upon receiving the referral note duplicate, duly signed by the purchaser, you will have a record not only of having delivered the goods and thus be able to check it, but also that it has been accepted as.
The referral note must be issued at least in duplicate and shall contain the list of goods or supplied elements. The most common is that it extends by triplicate, the original purchaser, the copy to the seller and the third to who transports the goods to effects that serves you as evidence of the operation which was carried out in case of claims on the part of some of the two parties, buyer or seller.
Referral notes are not included in accounting books since they usually are issued without values, which do not have a tax value, main difference that keep with respect to invoices and that will allow us to differentiate between the two. It is rather a kind of internal documents of the companies that fulfills a function of verification.
While the note name of remission is widespread in most Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, also it it is known under other names in Latin America, for example in Argentina it is called I refer, in Chile guide office, in Costa Rica and Guatemala note of delivery, in Peru and Ecuador guide referral and leads in Dominican Republic.