What is the Meaning & Definition of nothing

Nothing is a term that we usually use in our language to indicate the total absence of a being or thing, in other words, nothing would be the opposite of being. In everyday language we use it to express the minor or the little amount that has any question or situation.
But indicated is not the only use we give in our current discussions, the word is not used in other so many situations or contexts to express: the little effort which achieved something (Laura made a meal for twenty people as if nothing); in any way (I don't think nothing of what you told me John, for me lies); When something is done does not originate any results (I come telling him that that door is by breaking down and he does as if nothing).
There are also a lot of expressions containing the term nothing and that we usually use such is the case of: nothing more (allows us to express only: servime a empanada nothing more), nothing less (we use it when we want to emphasize the importance of someone or something: John Association President presented no less), nothing (is most used in our language courtesy response when someone thanks us for something) and as usual (when not be attributed to something no importance).
Meanwhile, in the field of philosophy, the nothing is a concept that is very present and which has been dealt with from different perspectives and by different philosophical currents.
Thus, philosophers like Hegel or Sartre argued that nowhere is a concrete thing with all the properties that this entails, Buddhism has also considered it as the State that is characterized by an empty mind, or the Greek philosopher Parmenides, who credited the expression nothing arises from nothing, which involves a metaphysical principle that indicates that no entity can exist from a nothingness.