What is the Meaning & Definition of novelty

He is said to have a novelty when something different from the usual, something new and different. In any social situation, there are new features: fashion, technology and science... In all cases, the idea of novelty refers to some kind of progress, upgrading or a different approach to what already exists. The novelty has something of surprise. It generates a social impact and a manifest interest in everything there is that which has a new air or an original appearance.
Technology and science have contributed very innovative advances. Printing, photography, aviation or television were innovations that had a great social impact. The outbreak had something of revolution, which from its appearance the lives of the people could enrich themselves in multiple ways. It is likely that the next big thing in the history of mankind is the invention of fire.
Novelty acts as a stimulus for human beings. The new attention and have to buy it and use it as soon as possible. The impact of novelty is temporary and when we become accustomed to the new already becomes old and look forward to the emergence of a more attractive novelty.
Consumerism and advertising are two realities that have the craving for novelty of the individual mind. For this reason, marketing develops strategies to maintain the attention of consumers.
The old or traditional communicates a lack of interest. On the other hand, novelty stirs the imagination. However, sometimes what is new is not more than the old with a new costume.
While the novelty means attraction and interest, there is a pathology which expresses otherwise. People with an excessive fear of changes are cainofobia. They reject innovations in a pathological way, and avoid surprises. They prefer their lives goes within the routine, since they can handle it smoothly.
Man is an animal with a high sense of curiosity. And childhood is the period where everything is shocking. Kids want to discover what each item and what it is. They have an attitude of permanent astonishment, because every day there is something new to discover.
Normal appears when there is no news and that normality is transformed into boredom, a sense of apathy or reluctance. And it is that we probably need novelty food.