What is the Meaning & Definition of obsession

The word obsession derives from the term latin obsessĭo ("harassment"). It's a psychic disturbance produced by a fixed idea that takes the spirit of assault with such persistence. This thought, feeling, or this trend between disagree with the consciousness of the person. However, it persists so that she won all efforts to avoid it. The obsession has a compulsive character and eventually acquire a painful and distressing condition for those who suffer from it. When the obsessions and compulsions become chronic, one speaks of a neurosis that disrupts the normal life of the individual and that turns into an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
There are several types of obsessions. For example, we will mention those that have to do with food. In this case, the obsession works as a psychological barrier does not allow to change the weight of a person in a healthy way. The obsession in the diet can lead to diseases like bulimia and anorexia.
The word obsession has also been used to refer to some artistic works. In the field of music, it is the name of the 8th album by the band UFO. In France, "Obsession" is the name of one of the songs from the album the Invitation of Etienne Daho. It is also the name he gave to his tour in 2008: 'Obsession Tour '.
"Obsession" is also the name of a french film in 1954 by Jean Delanoy.
It is important to point out that there is of others films, telefilms and documentaries bearing the same title, especially in America.