What is the Meaning & Definition of office equipment

An office is a place for the fulfilment of the activities of office. It is a physical space that can be organized in several ways and have different characteristics depending on its function and the number of employees. It is therefore a place of work for intellectual work or to welcome customers. Sometimes called desktop cabinet (Secretary) where people work. In computer science, this refers to the surface of works that we see on the screen of a computer. Material, on the other hand, is all of the objects, elements and the tools needed to achieve something. What hardware is tangible and regard objects instead of people.
These concepts help to make an approach to the definition of office equipment. It is appropriate to say that office equipment consists of all supplies that are needed to perform the tasks of office, namely, the machines (or electronic devices) and devices.
Computers, telephone, fax, scanner, the Secretaries and the chairs (or seats), for example, are an integral part of office equipment. Each of these elements is essential to carry out the daily work of an office. Cannot hear, of course, that an office can operate without fax or scanner; It all depends on the characteristics of the local.
Office equipment is evolving to the son of the time. There are a few tens of years, offices were having typewriters, an object has become so obsolete (exasperated now almost person has). The design and decoration of the offices have also changed. Furniture, too, do not stop to accompany new trends.
Public offices, on the other hand, have a different material than private offices. Often, the technology of State-owned business is older.