What is the Meaning & Definition of payroll

The payroll is a term we use in our language to refer various questions. One of the references that we mostly use is that a list is a list or a list of names.
On the other hand, at the behest of the workplace also it's a widely used term since through it refers to wages that workers or employees perceive. It is formally designates as a nominal relationship and consists of a document which lists those people who work in the office or company and attached to each name shows the amount of the salary paid. Meanwhile, whenever employee comes your salary you must sign the payroll as proof that has seen his salary as.
Note that more specific such as data do not appear on the Payroll: post, hourly charge, deductions and other data related to the employee, only the amount that is charged. Anyway, the mentioned issues are of course consideration because they affect the value of the payroll.
We can find different types of payroll: salaries (they are the most common payroll and consist of a series of deductions and conditions which are which will determine the amount to be paid on gross), fees (applies to those workers that specify sales and therefore should receive a Commission according to the timely agreement; note that the employer retains them in the same the amount corresponding to taxes to so declare it) and fees (reaches to the) self-employed and that then as such they are responsible themselves to the corresponding tax filings).
An exclusive computer program, known as Nominaplus, which used the administrations of enterprises to realize payroll is designed to expedite the depiction of the payroll. Without doubts, this tool facilitates and makes more simple this task, since provides automatically the data of each worker, such is the case of its category, the Convention that it reaches, among others issues.
Between them synonym that more is used associated to this term, without doubts is highlights the of list, that just refers to the enumeration of things, people, objects, quantities, between other issues, that someone takes to out with determined objective.