What is the Meaning & Definition of Popular Music

The concept of popular music is a very broad concept that has a lot to do with the place, the time and the specific meaning that each population seeks to give. Objectively, we might describe as music listened to much of the population and which is facing precisely that what usually is considered belonging to the upper classes or erudite music to popular music. However, this definition should be reviewed in each case since that thing that is nowadays considered classical music (e.g. classical music) at other times had much greater scope. Similarly, popular music may symbolize the traditions and musical representations of specific villages facing the idea of international music which can be heard on all sides as for example the rock bands. We can say that popular music depends on the town or region where the US placing. For many countries, especially in the rural regions of the same, popular music is that which is transmitted from generation to generation as part of a cultural heritage, probably unique in the world since it arises in that space as a result of a myriad of elements. So for example we can understand as popular music to Celtic music, the different rhythms of African regions, to music composed by the Aboriginal natives, to the music of the Swiss Alps, etc.
On the other hand, the expression of popular music is today used to refer to this type of music that can be consumed by anyone since it is accessible in terms of composition and is also much more catchy than other rhythms and captivating. In this sense, we will be talking about music in a much more direct relationship with business already that many international popular music artists should only his great fame and success to the phenomenon of globalization that allows an American artist hear is thanks to the presence of the record companies, television, internet, radio, everywhere in the world and that even young people from each region know much more that artist that their own traditional music.