What is the Meaning & Definition of recipe

The word recipe, which derives from the latin recepta, has several uses: it can be a kitchen recipe, a financial term, a printing term or even a word belonging to the terminology of the mines. In finance, the word recipe (in the plural) is the sum received/won entry into cash. Therefore, the antonym of the word expenses (money spent). In the singular, this word may designate, by one side, the Act of receiving public funds, or the use of receiver in an office of taxes and, another, the office of the receiver. ELSE, in a Bank, often called encashing "boy of revenue".
Means by tax recipe territorial tax services structure, and Government revenues (in the plural) all of the financial resources available to the State.
With regard to mining activity, this refers to the whereabouts of the devices which ensure the handling of products and materials and the movement of staff.
In printing, it is the landscaped part which is located at the exit of the presses, designed to transfer and receipt of sheets/specifications print (s).
Finally, the recipes are detailed instructions that explain what are the ingredients needed to prepare a (flat) dish and the manner in which it must be prepared. Las recipes indicate the proper procedure to make the dish well and tasty. For example, the recipe to make pancakes indicates to eggs, flour and milk, among other ingredients.
In general, recipes are collected in books and, nowadays, in Web pages. It is also common that they are transmitted from generation to generation in the families.