What is the Meaning & Definition of romantic novel

The history of the literature consists of very different literary styles, genres that show a particular style. There are readers who are lovers of literature in general while others, feel a specific preference for an own genre. Romance novels describe stories of love, passionate stories where stories of feelings, the exaltation of the heart and love have weight in the plot. The romantic novel is linked to the cultural context of romanticism that took place in the 18th century in response to the rationalism of thinkers of the enlightenment that exalted the rational logic over the logic of the heart. Romanticism on the other hand, highlights the value of feelings as a point of access to true happiness. It was a cultural genre that featured with great force in England and Germany.

Exaltation of feeling

Romanticism is a form of knowledge of reality. In a romantic novel writer reveals his creative genius, its strength lieraria based on inner freedom. A freedom which goes beyond any kind of stereotype.
There is another kind of different from the context of romanticism romantic novel as novels of love despite the passage of time, remain faithful to the value of their original essence that seeks to highlight the purity of love as a feeling that transforms the lives of the people.
In this case, is considered a romance novel to this type of work. It describes the story of two lovers who must overcome obstacles in order to be together because the fate seems to be against to the love of your heart is strong.
A characteristic note of this type of novels is that the ending is happy and lovers reunited is to be happy forever. This happy ending brings satisfaction to the reader who enjoys a history that leaves a sweet taste in your memory.
Throughout the plot, develop the details of the emotional of each of the lovers universe, history is the linchpin of the argument. Some romantic novels have also been adapted to the cinema in the form of comedy.