What is the Meaning & Definition of rules

Policy means the set of standards that are plausible to be applied to instances of a given activity or subject. Meanwhile, a standard is that precept that demands an unavoidable compliance by individuals, i.e., not only we will have to meet the standards but that the non-observation of one will mean a particular punishment that can lead to the fulfilment of a sentence either economic or criminal. When a group, an organization, refers to the rules, to what will be talking about is the set of laws and rules that govern the functioning of the Organization, institution or group in question.
In any group, organization, among others, involving a variety of people must be the establishment of a regulation containing laws, policies, and rules governing both its performance and the performance of those who work in it, because only in a framework in which raw material order and organization it will be possible that the group or the organization successfully meet its goals and purposes.
The importance of the regulations is such that in many organizations there are areas especially devoted to this issue and which is responsible for them focus on the most sensitive areas.
Note, that without legislation specific and clear will be very difficult that an organization, group, or institution can carry out its mission. For example, in a company dealing with food processing will be a forced rule that employees comply strictly with certain conditions that make hygiene, while not complied with the rules of hygiene will be clearly affected the production of the company. Why is that many companies have warnings and punishments to those employees who do not properly comply with their job duty despite being trained.
And on the other hand, the normative Word is used to account for what is worth as a standard.