What is the Meaning & Definition of selective mutism

Communication is one of the fundamental pillars of personal relationships, through the dialogue enhances mutual understanding. However, there are moments in which a person may have difficulties to express themselves. Thus it occurs with the phenomenon of selective mutism, which refers to a disorder of verbal communication which shows the difficulty that people have to express themselves as a result of emotional disturbance.

A serious problem in the professional and personal

It is a major problem that can be a brake on the professional development or also change the pace in social relations. It is a disorder that may be associated with having lived through situations of failure in a given context.

Emotional block, marked by a specific situation

For example, a person who had a traumatic experience when speaking in public, can stay blank and be paralyzed before a speech in public. It's a disorder that has nothing to do with the ease of communication that a person has and the domain language but with an emotional block that may have originated in an experience specifically, in many cases, it's an experience lived in childhood or adolescence (the first years of life, such as learning leave much imprint on a person's life).

Signs of identification

There are some aspects of people suffering the social silence that can help identify the problem. For example, difficulties to maintain visual contact with the other person, common conflicts in carrying out daily routines in which social relations are very important, thus, also experience anxiety in those situations which have high expectations. In addition, from the point of view of personal relationships, they are very quiet people who feel uncomfortable talking about themselves, it costs them to show as they are. They are people who do not smile very often.
In addition, also tend to flee from those environments where there are many people because they experience a feeling of oppression, feel uncomfortable to be observed by others. They prefer quiet places that can be kept in a kind of background.

A personality of in-depth analysis

It is important to point out, from the positive point of view, that they are very observer people with a great capacity for attention to detail. In the academic and professional level, are people who also have high levels of concentration. Thus, in addition, they also tend be very intelligent people.