What is the Meaning & Definition of shelter

The coat is a type of clothing that we use human beings to protect us from the cold weather. For such a mission is that it is placed above the rest of the garments that we use, is usually a thick fabric or wool and has sleeves. Note that sheltered also he is called with the specific name of the garment which concerned: capping, jacket, above all, among the most popular. There is an impressive amount of designs of shelters for men and women, although there are a few basic features that almost all respect when it comes to wrap: it is long, usually exceed waist, turns to the front with buttons or a zipper, can have Interior and exterior pockets and even a hood if in addition to the cold is necessary to protect themselves from the rain. The differences between men and women shelters are given by the color, women tend to present colors classic and most played, while those of men tend to be rather neutral black, grey and blue colours. For shelters for women, it is common that the design applies some kind of skin.
The shelter is a garment that has a rich history... Although its main function has been the protect from the cold to people also it has managed to be faithful expression of social status that someone had in a given society. For example, in times of the Roman Empire, men who were free wore it and harbored with a toga as opposed to slaves who did not have this possibility. Later, in the 19th century, wrap par excellence of the wealthy class was the lever.
On the other hand, the word wrap is also used to designate that an element, an object, which is used to defend or temper the action of cold.
Also, the refuge that has the objective of isolating someone cold is called shelter.
And since the symbolic shelter concept is used in the colloquial language for support, protection and the constitutional protection that someone has someone or a group.