What is the Meaning & Definition of shipwreck

A shipwreck is the loss and sinking into the sea, River, Lake or any other body of water, from a boat. The causes that lead to a shipwreck prove to be the most varied, while can grouped them into two categories, on the one hand, problems technical or structure that arise suddenly in the boat while it navigates and on the other hand, are serious as weather conditions: hurricanes, storms, among the most common.
Any of the two categories mentioned above are considered to be direct causes. The following are the direct causes that have led to more wrecks in the history of navigation.
The waterway is caused after the drilling of the helmet, which facilitates the entry of water into the submerged part of the hull; instability, i.e. the boat leans toward one end and this prevents that you can then recover the balance; the meteorological cause that may produce instability in the ship or either lead to impact against a solid structure that could damage the helmet, benefiting the waterway; a failure of navigation, a mistake, whether human or technological, it will cause the collision of the boat against submerged rocks, icebergs or even against other boats; and finally, damage intentionally against the ship, which may be motivated by a military conflict, which resulted in sabotage, impact of missiles, projectiles and torpedoes, among other powerful weapons.
The history houses in its leaves plenty of stories of shipwrecks, more or less resonant, but is a danger or a threat from which almost no one is exempt, still possessing the most important, luxurious and safe boat. Proof of this is the wreck of the English transatlantic Titanic in 1912, one of the most popular shipwrecks, commented, documented, investigated and represented throughout history.
The Titanic was the ship more luxurious and imposing of the 20th century; in April 1912 he carried out its maiden voyage departing from the coasts of Southampton, England, bound for New York City, but unfortunately, that fate never reached it because four days after setting sail, it struck an iceberg, a large piece of floating ice, to the South of the coast of Newfoundland and sank. The tragedy left as balance 1,517 people missing.
On the other hand, in everyday language the word wreck is used with recurrence as a synonym of disgrace or a large disaster. The wreck of my marriage I actually has split in two.