What is the Meaning & Definition of snow

Snow is without doubt one of the weather most characteristic and typical of the winter season, that it is precisely in which occurs the fall of snow in large amounts and on a regular basis. It is, however, important that let us underline that not in all places of our planet when it is winter the phenomenon indicated but it is common in those areas close to the Poles, and where minimum temperatures they prevail very, very low.
The phenomenon consists of ice water that plunges from the clouds in a way crystallized simile of a snowflake format. The typical colouring of the snow is white and why is that when plunges a large amount of snow on ground it will be covered by a white blanket.
Snow is a phenomenon that almost everyone likes. On the one hand, by the beauty of visual that it tends to generate those landscapes which are covered by snow and on the other hand also the entertainment that involves, either playing with her, making dolls or practicing some sport that needs it, such is the case of the traditional ski and snowboard new and that it has found many followers in recent years.
Associated with snow sports wake up a huge attraction in the world and so it is that in those places where they can practice, own and foreign tourism dominates the scene. In the high season, which is when the snow covers the place, often face fur tourists transiting ski and snowboard tracks from earlier and up to last hour of the day. The firings in the Argentina or Aspen in the United States are two of the most important ski resorts in the world.
Researched there is a knuckle as with any weather phenomenon that turns intense sometime. And in the case of snow, when it is very dense and important can make difficult the normal ground vehicles and also the air transit, issues they happen to be basic to the normal development of the daily activities of any community.