What is the Meaning & Definition of still life

Works of art depicting everyday objects and natural beings

The concept of dead nature has exclusive use in the field of painting to refer to those works of art that represent objects, animals, flowers and items manufactured by man, that is, natural or not, and that appear within a given context. Together with the landscape and portrait, still life has been one of the most recurrent themes in the tradition of painting.

One of the topics most addressed by the painting of all time

Also known as still life, still life, supports the representation of all the elements that have an everyday in life of people as is the case of books, utensils, food, jewelry, furniture, among others. We must say, that with the passage of time were incorporating other elements of current use. Now, we have to say that this type of artistic production it recognized more for the representation of elements from nature. Bowls or containers containing significant amounts of fruits, tables which exhibit large banquets, are some of the classic and most widespread of the still-life representations.

Details, symbolism and great freedom

Artists who are inclined to the representation of the still life like details, the symbolic and as this theme allows express this and more from a great artistic freedom is that they choose this subject as on others, such as landscape and portrait which are most. The artist decides to communicate a message and still life will allow you to do so from different edges, the possibilities are countless.
Born of course makes a few centuries back and standing out especially in the Baroque movement, still life, still as valid as at that time. Of course that objects to capture changed and were replaced by others in daily use today, however, the theme is today very used by contemporary artists.
Once religious symbols earned the scene in this sense and today can be found elements to images generated through the computer, i.e., the technology also incorporated in this pictorial genre and taught.