What is the Meaning & Definition of student

Student is the word that allows to designate anyone who focuses on understanding, implementation and reading knowledge of a science, a material or an art. It is usual that the student be included in a formal study program although it can also focus seeking knowledge of autonomous or informally. There are several classifications or types of student following the model of education, time spent on studies, the academic plan in which it is registered, among other features.
The student term is used synonymously with student. This concept concerns individuals who learn through other people. The student word comes from the latin alumnum which, in turn, derives from alere ('feed').
It is said that an individual is the person the having educated and high student since childhood. However, it is also possible to be student of someone younger than yourself. Thus, the words student, student, disciple, and even apprentice are interchangeable.
The difference between the official student and free student, it is that the first receives formal education by an education centre (school, University, college, etc.) recognized see by the State and must pass exams validating the knowledge acquired. On the other hand, the free student is not obliged to respect certain standards to continue his apprenticeship. It is necessary to mention, however, the existence of several variants in these classifications, because students may not necessarily occur in class (in the course) on a regular basis, but rather to formal education at distance, for example.