What is the Meaning & Definition of technique study

Learning is a process of acquiring skills and knowledge, which is held by education, experience or studies. Concerning studies, there are instead of saying it's effort or the work that a person committed to learn something. On the other hand, a technique is a process whose objective is obtaining a certain result. This contains a set of standards and rules used as a means to an end.
In other words, a technique of study is a tool that is used to facilitate studies and optimize their success. After the experts study technique requires an active attitude, where the person who studies supports his role as protagonist and surpasses the passivity.
There are many techniques of study. For example, the summary is a summary of what has been written by an author, but in other terms. We recommend that you read the whole paragraphs to determine what are the essential content and rewrite them without losing the links between the main ideas of the author.
The notes at the bottom of page or marginal are also part of the study techniques. The person who studies may note keywords or a synthesis of what she reads. It can also highlight the main ideas.
One aspect to take into account before you begin to develop a technique of study is the physical space where the student, who wants to be well lit, well ventilated and quite calm (absence of noise). Not to mention the equipment necessary for studies, such as educational books (technical), of leaves, felt (or pencil) and pens.