What is the Meaning & Definition of United Nations

Founded in 1945 as a result of the completion of the second world war, the Organization of the United Nations (UN) is today the largest and most important international organization. He has 192 States members plus some States as observers (such as the Vatican City, Malta and the Palestinian territories), resulting in the near total of the planet. Both the Taiwan region as the Western Sahara and Antarctica not have seat at the UN by not being recognized as autonomous States. The UN has offices in New York City (United States) and Geneva (Switzerland), being six official languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. Emerged initially as a much smaller dimensions, the United Nations Organization had as its main objective to neutralize and nullify the power of action of the axis, political-military alliance established in the second world war mainly between Germany, Italy and Japan. However, since then and until today the objectives which should fight and work this Organization became multiple, taking in the majority of cases worldwide.
These objectives include the maintenance of the world peace among States members, the preservation of the fundamental rights of man, the creation of conditions conducive to the development of Justice and the common good, the promotion of relationship of cordiality between its members and the encouragement of social progress.
The United Nations has five administrative bodies which have specific objectives, although they are are all aimed at a common interest: the welfare and peace of mankind. These five organs are the General Assembly (where are the debates between members), the Secretariat-General (responsible for providing different bodies with information and statistics), the Security Council (in charge of global security and peace-related decisions), the economic and Social Council (whose objective is to work towards the growth and social progress and economic world) and finally the International Court of Justice (the principal judicial organ of the body (, headquartered in the city of the Hague, the Netherlands).
In addition, the UN has agencies aimed at specific areas such as the World Health Organization (who) and the United Nations for children (UNICEF) Fund.