What is the Meaning & Definition of us

A verb is conjugated according to the pronoun that accompanies it. We are the first person plural and is pronounced when it refers to a group of people and who pronounce this phrase, is integrated in the Group (if not what would you say). I.e., each individual is part of that group by adding a us. This occurs when a class of University students used the word we to refer to all partners of the group. Similarly, the word we is one of the most important in the area of the company where team spirit is manifested through the interiorization of the value of the US (successes shared equipment and failures also assumed a common form).

The value of the equipment

The value of the US is also very important in sports coaching in those disciplines as football in which the trainer tries to create a sense of unity and collaboration where everyone brings his talent and develops its function in relation to the Group on the computer.
The word we bring a feeling of belonging. Below, you can see an example of this: "We are family", "we are friends since we went to the nursery", "we study the same race", "we live on the same street", "we have the same age"... Therefore, when we use the concept there is some link that unites us with that person, a factor that is the basis of the relationship.

Human beings live in society

From the point of view of human nature, the use of the word we also shows the social human nature since from a baby is part of a society. Human beings form groups of personal relationships, create ties. Life in society brings meaning to the word we use. However, it should be pointed out that to speak of us, previously, there must be the individuality.
Therefore, even though we live life in first person also we share our existence in the company of friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers with whom we feel the value of the word. A word that is also very healthy to avoid individualism.