What is the Meaning & Definition of words

From the latin proposĭtum, is intend to do or not to do a thing any or the goal that it set itself. For example: 'don't worry, it is not in our words annoy you', 'I see any where you want to come. What is your purpose? ","I do my home work in the remarks to sell at a higher price". The purpose is, so to speak, a goal, a purpose (what we want do/one goal proposed): «my remarks is to finish my studies in two years and go to America looking for a job in the world of technology» 'Society has been forced to lay off 20 workers in the remarks to reduce its costs.', ' I'll do my best to finish this work more quickly: my purpose is to be available this afternoon to visit my grandmother.
Moreover, this term is very used in the form of expressions. We will retain, for example, 'about (de)' and ' appropriateness (de). The first concerns the subject/theme are talking: about the leakage of water, I wanted just you talk about. I have a solution for you. "The second means that comes at the right time or quality of someone who is appropriately ' you really a spirit of appropriateness, you! You couldn't move without requesting an increase to your boss... ».
In the plural, it's lyrics tell or made during a conversation.
At a more profound and transcendental level, the purpose of a human being is the meaning he gives to his life. Who am I? WHERE I come? Why am I here? and where am I going? are some of the questions to which men are trying to respond to meet/find their vital connection.