What is the Meaning & Definition of international relations

International relations constitute the field of political science discipline and focus on relations among States and between States and other institutions belonging to the international system. It is an interdisciplinary field where aggregate policy, law, economics and history, for example. Until the first world war, international politics took place primarily through diplomacy. Following this conflict, a new perspective of international relations has occurred to find systematic ways to prevent any event related to the wars.
There are several theories in international relations. For example, Woodrow Wilson was the proponent of political idealism, that human nature is altruistic and people are able to help each other and collaborate with each other.
Political realism, on the other hand, grew about perceiving history as the result of the nature of the fact lusting for power and to wish the domination of other human beings. In other words, it cannot eradicate the instinct by the power.
Structural realism believes that it is possible to use the war to achieve peace, where the concept of pre-emptive war. Neo-liberalism, for its part, minimizes the role of the State and found that international relations should be resolved by international organizations and NGOs.
These theories and other match when it comes to designing the policies and institutions that govern international relations. That said, there are many currents of thought that eventually set the international agenda.