What is the Meaning & Definition of Abrazoterapia

Physical contact is necessary at any time of life, in fact, as a good sign the baby stage, the child needs constant attention of their parents. At this stage, the affection becomes food for the spirit (the spirit) to breastfeeding is the way to promote the physical well-being of the baby. Hugs show the need for recognition that has a human and also the need to express and communicate (communication goes beyond the Word as shown in body language).

A demonstration of affection that exceeds the words

A hug is a sign of body language, a sign through which a person communicates to another his affection, their love and their unconditional support. A hug acquires meaning both in a moment of difficulty, for example, a friend can embrace another who suffers from a major concern. Or also, a hug can be very valuable in good news, in this case, a person can congratulate to another through this gesture.
The human being is composed of body and mind. As well, a hug shows perfectly the complex nature of the human being in its double aspect of corporeo-espiritual: a hug has a physical side as shown in the gesture of contact that exists between two people but also has an emotional value if we analyze the emotional message that expresses this gesture of affection.

The embrace as a therapy

The benefits of hugs are so healthy that therefore also can be considered a healthy therapy as it expresses the abrazoterapia focused on the healing hugs power similar to laughter therapy shows the strength of the humor. A patient who suffers a disease need a particular medical treatment focused on medicine, however, there are other forms of therapy that are also very valuable: the affection and the company. Well, a hug, the unconditional support of the affection and love are messages that a person can transmit to another to which they want to support.
Hugs are part of the language of love and friendship. From the point of view of health, they are fantastic for reducing stress and anxiety in the day day, also enhance the joy in life.