What is the Meaning & Definition of socioeconomic

There are many concepts that are formed from the term society: socio-political, socio-linguistics, etología or socio-economic. All of them expressed a common idea: the fusion of two aspects of reality, one of them being the society as a whole. Socioeconomic means economic and social capacities of an individual, a family or a country. Somehow we all have an approximate idea of the three steps or socio-economic levels: low, medium and high. However, from a sociological point of view, it is necessary to establish with accuracy levels based on objective criteria. Sociologists used a number of different variables (level of education, type of household and number of rooms, type of personal computer, percentage of spending on food, access to water and other). If these variables are applied to a family it is possible to specify their socioeconomic level. To develop these data sociologists use mathematical algorithms and the results are very useful (to do market research, to know the reality of a population or for an October study political purposes).
The criterion for measuring the socio-economic levels is an issue that has evolved in recent decades. Keep in mind that establishing a rigorous theoretical framework allows better understand some aspect of society.

General considerations

Most sociological studies related socio-economic level the State of people's health.
The mortality rate of a country depends on the different socio-economic levels, and the same happens with other social indices (the birth rate, the population with higher education, the number of children, etc).
From the sociology analysis based on socio-economic levels is carried out and such studies allow to know the realities of all kinds (about habits of consumption, juvenile delinquency, rates of schooling or gender violence).

Final conclusion

Socio-economic levels are sociological tools. In other words, are general data that allow to understand the social changes. It should not be forgotten that all societies are dynamic and useful mechanisms and parameters need to know the changes that occur in any society. The data are more than numbers and percentages, because somehow they express a set of individuals human reality.