What is the Meaning & Definition of omniscient Narrator

There are different types of Narrator in a literary history. In this article, we analyze the role of the omniscient Narrator. As shown in the omniscient concept, it is a type of narrator who knows even the smallest detail of history up to the point that is also perfectly the various protagonists thoughts and feelings.

Have the gift of ubiquity

The Narrator is who describes the events that occurred in the plot, interpersonal stories and situations that are described throughout the book. The function of the omniscient Narrator is very important since it provides valuable information that enhances the understanding of the reader.
The omniscient Narrator knows all the details of the plot, however, try to be as objective as possible in the provision of data in order to not influence the reader. It is a direct witness of everything what is happening in the story and that is put on the skin of the characters and reveals their secrets.
You know the State of mind of the players, their fears, their strengths, their weaknesses and their aspirations. It is the sole agent in history that has the power of ubiquity, i.e. be present at all times and in all places.

Rules of grammar in writing

From the grammatical point of view, it is important to point out that the writer often used the third person singular or third person plural to give voice to the omniscient Narrator. It is a voice of the narrative that acquires a great credibility to the reader because it explains what has happened with objective data. Knows all the details of history both past, present and even, you can guess what is going to occur (temporary jumps in plot).


The use of the omniscient Narrator is commonly used by the writer in order to have a resource in the work to be able to inform the reader of all those details that otherwise could not explain. This type of Narrator was widely used in the novels written in the 19th century.
The omniscient Narrator in the purest style of a God is the one that all know them leaving no room for any kind of secret.