What is the Meaning & Definition of development model

Among the various meanings of the term model (which comes from the Italian modello), we will retain the archetype or point of reference for his imitation or replica. In this sense, a model is an example to follow because of his perfection. A model is also a conceptual design of a system or a complex reality. On the other hand, development is to increase or improve something physical nature, intellectual or moral. If the concept of development is applied to a human reality, it then means progress economic, social, cultural or political.
Thus, the United Nations Development (Programme UNDP) program is responsible for develop the measure known as human (HDI), which is composed of three parameters development index: a long and healthy life education and a dignified standard of living.
To conclude, a development model is a scheme to promote the advancement of a people. It is a frame of reference for those who it belongs to develop public policies of a country.
Developing or implementing a development model, the Government seeks to improve the economic situation and the work of the population, ensure access to health and education, and provide some security, among other issues. The purpose of a model of development is to improve the quality of life.
It is worth mentioning that the success of a development model depends on many factors: although it has worked well in a any country, this does not necessarily mean that it will be a success in another.