What is the Meaning & Definition of narcissistic

The narcissistic word we use in our language to refer to everything that own or associated with the narcissism, and also to refer to any individual who has a huge and excessive admiration for if itself and therefore is constantly talking about it, of the well that does this, of how great that is such a thing, etc. Then, the narcissist suffers from narcissism. Narcissism is a special behavior, psychology considers it as a hobby that consists of sufferers it feels beautiful, divine, love and therefore cares beyond measure.
For the narcissistic hard there is another or other beings to her around as it is considered only to him almost with exclusiveness in everything. Thus, everything that generates or passes with him will be considered as the most important. Also, the narcissistic need all the time they are telling you how beautiful that is, well that does everything, it is to say, demand a constant adulation.
Obviously the narcissist has a quota of considerable selfishness against other individuals who do not have this hobby, since the only thing that matters, most importantly, their needs and worry only about what makes it feel and be well.
As a consequence of this state of affairs the narcissist tends to surround yourself with individuals who do not counteract it, but on the contrary, that highlight it even more than he does. Not support in any way that there is someone who does not value it and stand out for the conditions and qualities that the having.
Psychology, from different angles, of course, has dealt with deal with this behavior. Defined and also determined that it is conduct that normally generates certain problems suffer from it who to develop and live in society.
And respect of his denomination was not casual but causal since it is inspired by a well-known myth of Greek mythology, the myth of narcissus.
Greek legend has it that Narcissus was a beautiful young man, there was a single maid that fall not yielded to their beauty, while, after despising a nymph who declared his love, the goddess of revenge, Nemesis, punished him doing that he is it fell in love with his own physical to be reflected in a water source.