What is the Meaning & Definition of notification

A notification is more formal and extended mode that is used at the time of having to communicate to someone, or to a particular audience, news, information, resolution on one issue, among others. And also the written document containing this news or resolution is called notification.
It should be noted that normally the concept can be expressed through its synonym, also of very common use, such as: communication, statement, notice, circular.
The competent authorities of a State in a particular matter are in charge of extend and issue notifications when it is necessary to bring to the attention of someone resolution of an issue or well also when required by an individual its intervention or presence in any situation.
Thus, if a prosecutor following a case instruction need that it is present a witness to testify to the fact you must take a written notification so that it is presented. Notification adds formality to that call and is a way to record that was such- and -such an action as conducted.
Normally reaches the home of the person in question and she invites her to declare in this day and time. Most of the time it is claimed to be who the firm to give proof of its receipt as the person to which it is directed.
Also, when an authority wants to communicate their resolution to a conflict makes someone through a written notice. For example, if you refuse to leave the country because he has a criminal case in progress.
And where it has become very popular the concept in recent years is at the behest of social networks and messaging via internet services since these means to those messages or notices to friends or users connected with us let us in these networks. For example, on Facebook, each like me Gets a publication we have made we will be advised on the notifications tab.