What is the Meaning & Definition of selflessness

Selflessness is a quite common human behavior in some people and characterized by sacrifice voluntarily desired and prized issues on a personal level because we know that through the sacrifice of these is will be making him one good another neighbor. Self-sacrificing persons they put aside their personal interests such as raising a family in order to deliver that time which would be devoted to the creation of a family, care and assistance to the poor, sick and the needy.
A daughter that renouncing their professional growth and marry and take care of their parents who are sick can be considered a true and authentic sign of selflessness.
It is, however, important that we mention that almost always similar sacrifice will be mobilized by a huge love for something, i.e. the love feeling for what to so which one surrenders is a lot bigger and more important than that which would be left to do or they are sacrificing.
Therefore is that the concept of selflessness is closely linked with issues such as solidarity, philanthropy, since it proposes the delivery disinterested aid or assistance to those who need it most and also with religion, since on many points and aspects religion demand by the faithful or followers sacrifice demonstrating precisely the absolute dedication and commitment with the same.
Meanwhile, we must mention that usually the motivations of selflessness oscillate between religion and philanthropy, though, we must not ignore that there are some professions or occupations that demand by part of who the practice a total selflessness and control almost all of the more inopportune actions, among them we can highlight to the security forces of a country , doctors, firefighters, nurses, among the most prominent.
Meanwhile, from the sidewalk in front of selflessness we find attitudes and behaviors completely negative and reprehensible when social coexistence it comes as indifference and selfishness.