What is the Meaning & Definition of nanotechnology

One of grades them dreams of nanotechnology is to introduce machines tiny in our bloodstream so these us heal automatically, however the blood viscosity can do that this only dream will become a dream. This a term that implies something made so small that you can not see a simple view. With this word deal with the "Holy Grail" of computing and electronics, you could say that today almost every component that we can purchase is made with nanotechnology.
Nano is a Greek prefix meaning a number ridiculously small, 10 to less 9 or 0,000,000,001 meters. We can deduce with this definition it is with nanotechnology to achieve, the ability to manipulate molecules and even atoms so that they perform functions on a scale where millions and millions of very tiny things, have a big enough effect and without that they occupy much space.
People in general do not very big things like this comes about because a mobile phone powered by normal (to call it somehow) could not be carried in your pocket, in fact I doubt that I could lift easily from the ground, like the mythical hammer of the legendary God of Thunder Thor. We let the joke aside and give us that to build such tiny things done lack a way to manufacture them, in this way is called technology.

A structure made with manipulation of atoms. Human curiosity is imitate life when it was observed that life actually ordered atoms following the pattern of the DNA.
Nanotechnology was born, when scientists realize that the matter at an atomic scale has unique features that is in a normal state, they also realize realized there is space to spare between molecules and atoms to handle them. The term nanotechnology is used the first time by the Japanese Professor Norio Taniguchi in 1974. Molecular manipulation with nanotechnology allows the creation of new materials with properties that do not exist in a natural state, so applications are virtually endless and limited only by the capacity of molecular manipulation available. Currently it is now (at least in research) to create a material with the thinness of a single Atom, excellent conductor of electricity, self-healing and very hard, it's the Graphene and will take nanotechnology to its maximum expression in the future.