What is the Meaning & Definition of negotiation

There are areas of life in which people must develop negotiation skills to reach agreements when there are different points of understanding. Negotiation is a basic pillar of the teamwork put that beyond all individualism, every human being is unique and unrepeatable. I.e., you have different points of view so what is good to unify criteria through a meeting point. Only negotiating is possible to establish pacts that are rewarding for both parties. Negotiation is the essence of the team but also, another type of affective bonds, for example, in the couple's relationship.
Trading in the couple
Romantic love has fed the wrong myth that two people that want to be are two in one. However, the reality is that in love who are two people, as independent, and autonomous beings have different points of view and the only way to be able to go ahead with a project of life in common is trading in those decisions that involve an important mode both.
I.e., persons must not negotiate decisions affecting only them in the first person since in this case there is this need to reach agreements with another person. However, when it comes to decisions that affect more than one person, then, it is necessary to make a decision from the responsibility of everyone to take part in the election.
Win as a team
The key to negotiation is that with this agreement, both parties win. I.e., negotiate couple does not imply that you one wins and another loses they both win. Obviously, each win something but also losing some of what I wanted to (what he has given for the common good). To negotiate, it is very important to have good arguments to defend the personal point of view to a specific subject.
But in addition, it is also necessary to respect the shift of Word of the interlocutor so that it can be explained. There is only mutual understanding when there is a dialogue based on respect and active listening.
The negotiation is so important that even today there are training centers for workers that offer courses on negotiation techniques in day.