What is the Meaning & Definition of nervousness

A person feels really good when it is quiet, at times of maximum tranquillity everything flows naturally. On the other hand, there are times that when the person reacts to one external cause may feel some nervousness, i.e. may feel concern. Nervousness produced a series of physical effects, which vary in each case depending on each person.

Uncomfortable and challenging moments that tested one

A person feels certain physical tension before a job interview which is presented as an uncertain challenge, it's also possible to experience anxiety before an important exam that is difficult to overcome. This timely and momentary nervousness produces a fatigue added to the pressure arising from resist this inner restlessness. It is possible to perform relaxation exercises to be relaxed.

Nervousness to scenarios that one is not used

The nervousness is usually produced by a rare experience, which means out of the comfort zone and to which the person feels responsibility and has expectations. Nervousness in such cases is not negative, i.e. nervousness shows precisely that challenge interest. Otherwise, a person who does not experience any kind of nervousness before a job interview could transmit certain indifference to it. These nerves in that case are positive because they are specific and have a reason for being logical and concrete.

In a deeper field, when it affects your health

Nerves become a real problem when the person experiences excessive nerves at any time and without a logical cause. This is true, for example, in the case of a person suffering the usual pictures of crisis of anxiety or stress.
It is important to point out that in some cases the nervousness can also be symptoms of any illness. For example, there are children who are very restless and nervous that they suffer from a disorder deficit hyperactivity (ADHD).
Nervousness can also result from some unhealthy life habits. For example, the nervousness can also be result of tobacco addiction or addiction to drugs. It is important to seek professional help to overcome an addiction.

Nerves also appear in love

It is also possible to experience nervousness situations so positive as falling in love. Time in which the lover feels vulnerable and feel vertigo to fear to be unrequited. In addition, it is also common to feel nerves in the moments before the first appointments with the loving anxiety that everything to be perfect.