What is the Meaning & Definition of Nymphomania

Sexuality may also be analysed in relation to human happiness. In this article we analyze nymphomania which is under debate because while in some media this fact arises as an addiction of the subject that determines their lives and their liberty while the person does not control his own impulses, on the other hand, there is a general consensus by medical professionals that permanently labelled as an addiction nymphomania. It is clear that both men and women can experience addiction to sex, however, of nymphomania refers only and exclusively to them that refers to the attitude of those people who have a very high sex drive.

Nymphomania and hypersexuality

Today, the concept of nymphomania is used less frequently and more regularly used the term hypersexuality. The conflict arises precisely in determining where is measured exactly the point at which begins the problem, i.e. when sexual desire is higher than usual, taking into account also that the sexual desire also varies depending on each person.
Hyper sexuality away from being a superficial issue is a real problem since those who suffer it observed how his life is generally affected by this addiction. I.e., it's a problem that can affect personal relationships and even the professional routine.

Life with a single thought

The person's life revolves around sex, there is where is the root of the problem since the perception of the person is completely altered the focus of their existence at a particular point.
Sometimes, this problem is linked with the feeling of guilt that arises at certain times when the person is censured for what does. However, the person can not dominate its momentum because it lives dominated by that impulse. It is a matter which can also become a problem in a relationship because the pace of both is the same. Nymphomania shows the conflict of those women who frequently have sex or masturbate and yet do not feel satisfied, which produces a huge sense of frustration.