What is the Meaning & Definition of Neuroeconomics

What is the neuroeconomics? The economic sphere does not have to be exempt from an emotional part, the money is not pure mathematics at least, when it comes to important decisions that also involve the emotional value, for example, buy a House, buy a car, choose a piece of clothing...

When the emotions paricipan of marketing economy

The emotional part is so important that, in marketing increasingly there is even more weight towards the sentimental part to sell a product, transmitting values that reach potential customers. As a consumer and as an investor, any human being not only makes decisions according to a rational approach but it also, in decision-making interfere an emotional value. For example, a person can buy an expensive perfume of a particular brand because it is associated with prestige and personal charisma, in this way, in making that decision there is an internal process.

Neuroeconomics study on consumer behaviour

On the other hand, since the neuroeconomics is also note how the imitation factor influencing the consumption trend. For example, a person can choose a particular purchase because it is a purchase made by someone close previously.
The neuroeconomics is a discipline that analyzes the behavior of consumption that makes a human being and shows that in our day to day, the reason is important, however, emotions and feelings are also part of the essence of life itself. The neuroeconomics highlights the importance that has the reward of immediate pleasure produced by the achievement of a concrete desire that can lead a person to buy a certain product.

People are pushed by the unconscious

Ultimately, the neuroeconomics reflects on how, in the process of consumption and purchase behaviors and not only economic investment there is a conscious part but it also, there are decisions that are taken under the effect of an unconscious information. Even if a person is known to itself there are always parts of herself that is unknown and that transcend it in some form.

Information is the main tool

However, the neuroeconomics puts manifesto also how where a person is known best herself also can make more consistent decisions, that repenteth not long term. Since it can also happen that a person make a cost determined under the influence of emotion, and then repent with the passage of time when the emotion is soothed and acquires more weight the reason.