What is the Meaning & Definition of trigeminal Neuralgia

The trigeminal Neuralgia is pain that is located in the face and is due to the injury of the nerve responsible for the sensitivity of the face, known as the trigeminal nerve. It is a disorder that occurs in the age adult being more frequent in women than in men. This nerve is a cranial nerve, i.e. it is a nerve that originates inside the skull at the level of the brainstem, once it emerges it divides into three branches, top or ophthalmic branch allows the sensitivity of the forehead and tissues around the eyes, upper middle or maxillary branch innervates the cheekbones and outside of the nose and the lower maxillary branch innervates the jaw.

Trigeminal neuralgia produces a really intense pain

Trigeminal neuralgia usually affects one of these branches of unilaterally, i.e. one side-affects and is due to the injury of the nerve at any part of your journey which can occur due to trauma, infarction of the nervous system, compression by tumors or infections, in a large number of cases is difficult to establish what is its cause.
The pain caused by this condition arises in the form of crisis called paroxysms that can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, they are characterized by a sudden intense pain which can be perceived as a twinge or a sensation of burning or burning, which is distributed in the path of the affected branch of the nerve.
Painful crises generally occur after any stimulus to the nerve that can arise to talking, chewing, brushing your teeth, shaving or even to wash your face, it is common that there are some points that act as a trigger that triggers pain once they are stimulated. This discomfort can be repeated several times in the day, but luckily they respect the dream and they do not usually occur during the night.

Many people lose several teeth or death caused by trigeminal neuralgia

In many cases the pain that accompanies the neuralgia is able to radiate to the jaw being perceived as a pain at the level of the teeth, this leads to which dental treatments are carried out in many people or even unnecessary dental extractions.
It is relatively common that people suffering from trigeminal neuralgia affecting the upper or lower jaw branch have gone through several dental care until the correct diagnosis of this condition is made.
Suicide cases have also been described by this condition, which in the past was known as the suicide disease since he had to take their own lives to who suffered from it before discovering its origin and establish your treatment by the severe and disabling pain.