What is the Meaning & Definition of technological resources

A resource is a means of any kind to satisfy a need or to an end. Technology, on the other hand, refers to the theories and techniques that help to the practical use of scientific knowledge. A technological resource is therefore a way supported by the technology to accomplish a goal. Technological resources can be tangible (this is the case of the computer, printer or any other machine) or intangible (a system, a virtual application or software).
At present, technological resources are an indispensable part of business or households (at home). Technology has become an ally for the realization of many tasks.
A company with modern computers, an Internet connection broadband, computer networks, smart phones and equipment, multifunction addition to the characteristics of its products or services, is able to be successful in its market and to face competition.
Technological resources help to develop the daily operations of the company, from production to marketing, through internal and external communications.
At home, the technological resources can be useful for those who need to do some work for the school or for those who wish to work in a virtual office or remotely. It is not necessary to make large investments to access basic technological resources such as a computer connected to the Internet, for example. More one invests money, more great is the ability to acquire resources of last generation and better.