What is the Meaning & Definition of ecological niche

If we consider any agency within a given species, this can survive, grow, reproduce and become part of a community in a viable manner within an environmental situation, especially conditions of temperature. Precisely, variations in temperature of an organism are the basic coordinates of what is an ecological niche. To say that temperature is the main element that defines an ecological niche also include humidity conditions that affect a territory, because both parameters are decisive for the development of a living organism.
The concept of ecological niche is not something observable, but it is an abstract term which was introduced in the ecology in the 1950's and that includes, in addition to temperature and moisture, other environmental conditions and resources necessary for the maintenance of a viable population.
Know all the variables comprising an ecological niche to understand how to live an organism within this habitat, how transforms your energy and how it relates to other species.

A key concept in the knowledge of the environment

Ecology is a scientific discipline that uses different explanatory models from the theoretical point of view. Ecologists refer to the modeling as a theoretical structure which enables the knowledge of habitat. Thus, the concept of the ecological niche has several functions: 1) help to make strategic decisions on a species determined (for example, to protect them from a threat), 2) facilitates the prediction of the behavior of a species and 3) makes it possible to establish priorities within an environmental strategy.
The idea of model of ecological niche as theoretical conception presents the following procedure: the introduction of climatic and topographic data in a computer program and a series of calculations about what you want to evaluate (for example, to measure the impact of a plant species in a new territory). In this way, a model of ecological niche would be as theoretical recreation used to apply to a specific reality.
Different ecological niche models offer answers to the problems which arise in a particular habitat and, in a very special way, provide possible hypothesis to solve these problems.
In conclusion, the theoretical concept of ecological niche is a very useful tool for combating environmental degradation, preserve species and ensure the conservation of the different ecosystems on the planet.