What is the Meaning & Definition of management model

The term model comes from the Italian concept of modello. This Word can be used in different contexts and with many meanings. When it is applied to the field of social sciences, the word model means the archetype which, by its own characteristics, is capable of imitation or reproduction. It can also refer to the conceptual framework of a system or a complex reality. The concept of management, for its part, comes from the latin gesĭo and refers to the action and the effect to manage or administer. It is therefore the accomplishment of work leading to the success of a case or a challenge of some sort. In addition, the concept implies actions to govern, direct, direct, dispose of or organize.
However, the management contains a whole range of approaches conducted in order to solve a case, to carry out a project or administer a company or an organization.
That said, a management model is a schema or a framework for the administration of an entity. Business models can be applied both by the companies by the public administration.
In other words, Governments have a management model on which they rely to develop their policies and their actions, and with which they wish to achieve their goals.
The management model used by public organizations is different from the model of management of the private domain. The first involves other issues, such as the welfare of the population, while the second is based on the achievement of economic profits.