What is the Meaning of black

The term black presents various applications in our language. When something to our visual perception arises you absolutely dark, i.e., lacking color, will discuss black. Then, in black color, there is a total absence of light.
On the other hand, also, we call that individual who presents a black skin, black.
Generally, people who have this coloration of skin are native of the African continent, more precisely in the region known as the Sahel. It should be noted, that these individuals when they left their homeland in search of better horizons working or living conditions, among other reasons, and settled in Western regions with a predominance of the white race, have due to withstand the cruelest repressions, jobs and discrimination by whites who conceived them as an inferior race to which you should submit.
Fortunately, the social conquests of this minority and the Declaration of rights were limited and punishing these facts up to make them disappear completely in several places in the world.
Also, in everyday use a lot the word black to refer to that which is darker in the middle or failing that is darkened because it is dirty.
On the other hand, the black Word is employed to express States of mind as being angry and sad, or to account for any stage or unfavorable situation. I'm black of the anger that I grabbed the break of the car. See the future very black with John.
In the field of literature and film the black term applies to those productions that deals exclusively with police issues with realism and hardness.
Black is also called one author whom he hires him to make it write different works but anonymously, i.e. his name does not appear in the credits of the same. In some exceptions it is mentioned but as a collaborator. Celebrities and politicians often hire to be the authors of their own biographies.
Colloquially, it is usual that the word black and the diminutive negrito, use it as affectionate way to call someone.