What is the Meaning of Role

Role is a word that (role) English has borrowed from the french. The concept is associated with the function performed by someone or something. For example: 'forward told coach that he did not understand what was his role within the team', "the Mayor should be limited to his role in the commune and not to assign assignments that do not look", "the role of my cousin in this business is very important. Social role means all behaviours and standards that a person, as a social actor, learned and understood because of his social status. It is therefore a conduct expected depending on the social and cultural level.
Thus, the social role is the implementation of a status which is accepted and completed by the subject. If a bum walking barefoot in the street, this behavior is accepted and tolerated by society; on the other hand, if we meet in the street a lawyer or a doctor barefooted, this situation generates a certain shock and social conviction.
We must see that a person plays several roles throughout his life, depending on the context. A woman may be cashier in a store, the mother of his children, wife of her husband, fellow blogger in leisure and Ricky Martin fan.
The role-playing game, on the other hand, is a game where participants must play a certain role and perform many tasks following the function assigned to it.
Then role refers to the character represented by the actor, what to say and do in a play or during the filming of a movie, for example. "The delivery of Gérard Depardieu in the role of Cyrano de Bergerac him won the César award for best actor in 1990."